Dating Advice

Do The Things You LOVE


One of the most obvious and easiest dating tips that you can implement straight away is…


For Christs sake do what you love every day! Life is to short to not enjoy at least some part of every day -- why do you get up in the first place?

WHERE to meet women

It astounds me how many people DONT do what they love -- your personality and love lives suffer big time.

Your health and attitude towards life takes a dive and you end up second guessing their motives and decisions. Every part of you will suffer if you end up in a place in your life that you despise -- especially if one simple decision is all it takes to change it.

You have the choice of WHERE to meet women -- and how crucial it is.

Laugh and cry

People ask me -- Where is the best place to meet women?

The best place to meet women is where you feel most happy and confident.

Women are everywhere man -- it’s pretty much a 50:50 split so your going to bump into a hottie eventually. Check out the video by david wygant

I mean if all your interested in doing is finding sex with no effort then maybe the best thing for you is to use a site like adult friend finder. But the reality is that you want a women for much more than just intimacy. You want a soul-mate and a friend and an activity partner… someone to laugh and cry and live your life with.

Dont screw the crew

You have to meet women in an environment that matches your personality. This should be closely tied into what you love doing… Orthough the classic dating advice is always “dont screw the crew” the truth is that there are plenty of great women at work that have similar interests. If you company is large enough then it need not get awkward if things dont work out.

I mean where else do you find a budding lawyer who is of similar age? There are just not that many around… So going to law conventions and talks are great ways for you to not only show high value in your area of expertise but to find an ideal partner.

If you are into V8 motor cars and hard liquor then law conventions or pottery class should be crossed off the list. This sounds obvious but people just dont THINK about this stuff…


An example would be TOWN -- and BARS… Do you drink? Do you like club music?

If you answered NO NO or even YES NO You shouldn’t go to town to meet women… The atmosphere is going to get you on a major downer.

You shouldn’t go to town just because that’s where women are. As I said earlier women are everywhere! It’s not the presnce of women that is the problem here… YOU are the problem -- your energy your enthusiam and your conversation skills are the problem here.

If you are in an environment that you love all of the vital stuff is taken care of… It’s closely related to zen dating advice.